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Written by hollie smith


Posted on October 01 2018

Find the perfect fall outfit with Hollie's Boutiques trendy and fashion forward line of tops, cardigans and denim!

During the fall season, there comes a time in the middle of it where you have two glorious and beautiful weeks. These weeks have the best weather which gives you the chance to drink a nice iced coffee or a warm latte, whichever your preference. This is the time where you can get away with strolling around a park near because the weather is perfect and the trees look breathtaking. This is the time where you can uncover your new fall wardrobe and wear you beautiful clothes before the cold winter.

There are several clothing items that should be a staple in your fall wardrobe.

  1. Open-toe booties

This shoe is like a hybrid between a sandal and a boot. During summer, we enjoy our sandals and during, boots and socks are the staples. This season is the best time to way open-toe booties because the weather is not cold and it’s not hot. This weather is like something out of any dream, it is just perfect.

  1. Leather skirt or shorts

The leather is a timeless fashion classic and it always looks good. A leather short or skirt is for those days you do not want to wear girly floral stuff. Since it is not quite cold enough for leather pants, a short or skirt is the best alternative. However, if the weather if the weather is even a degree more than seventy-five degrees, you will end up sweating all over your waistband.

  1. Light scarves

These scarves are not as warm as their counterparts, the heavy scarves, but they do provide some sort of warmth without the bulk of a heavy scarf. During chilly nights, you can wear a light scarf made with a variety of beautiful fabrics that can match your outfit. Also, during the day these scarves can act as an accessory.

  1. Cropped sweaters

We all love crop tops and their versatile functions. This clothing item can be worn during fall and you can easily make it out of your old sweater. Just add some interesting cuts to make your sweater crop top look cute and you can pair it with your nice pair of jeans.

  1. Leggings being worn as pants

Wearing leggings as pants is a controversial topic among most people but it's all about preference. When the weather is a bit chilly but not as cold as winter, you can wear your leggings as pants. This clothing item works well if you want to wear your sporty wear as your outerwear. This is also a good fashion choice instead of unearthing the winter pants that you may have to wear during the next few months of winter.



  1. Suede shoes

These shoes are too hot to wear during summer and they are too high maintenance during winter. The best time to wear them is during fall especially if they are real suede. Real suede shoes have to be spray-protected and this is the main reason why they can’t be worn during winter. Wear your suede shoes during fall because they are stylish and you do not have to worry about them getting ruined because of snow puddles. 

  1. Trench coats

These coats are amazing. You do not have to carry an umbrella that never matches your outfit, instead look stylish and trendy in a trench coat. They come in a variety of designs and they work with all body types.

  1. Denim jacket

Most people know of the fall season as the denim jacket weather. If you want to add some character to your outfit, try incorporating a denim jacket. This material is not heavy and it looks beautiful with many outfits.

  1. Turtlenecks

With fall, you are not really sure if the weather is going to be as perfect as you would like. Since it is a transitional weather, layering your outfits is the smart way to put on your outfit of the day. If you want to wear a linen jumpsuit, slip a turtleneck sweater underneath it and you will not have to wear a jacket when you are going out.

The right colors to wear for your fall fashion

  • Green

Not all greens are appropriate to wear during fall. There are some cool green that will look marvelous when they are worn during the fall season

  1. Hunter green: - this fall season many designers are using this color and it can be worn in almost every occasion and it will still look gorgeous. You can keep it regal and bold or you can embrace the edgy military trend during the night. You can add details like buttons, zippers, and studs to make your outfit even more eye-catching.
  2. Sea green: - most people know this color as teal and it can be worn during the fall season in its darker shades. This color is beautiful on a dress especially if it is more muted. You can wear your sea green dress along with autumnal shades like mustard yellow.
  3. Olive green: - this color is rich and dark and it can be worn just like your wear your neutral colored clothes. This color can be paired with clothes in brighter shades as well other neutrals.



  • Burgundy

You can call it burgundy, maroon, merlot or oxblood but it is still the same dark and rich color. This rich shade is a must in your fall wardrobe. This is the new staple whether it's a pair of pants, a dress, a trench coat or your shoes. You can wear a burgundy blazer with beautiful accessories or burgundy skinny jeans with flats paired with any kind of top that you have.

  • Burnt orange

            Whether you are channeling the color of the changing leaves or the Pantone’s color of the year, you cannot go wrong with this burnt orange color for your fall closet. Rustic and burnt shades are a perfect addition to your favorite classic color palette and they look good on any type of skin tone. This color pairs well with navy blue and it looks spectacular when it is embroidered. This color in your fashion item will not only make you look good during fall, but it will make you look trendy.

  • Black

Black is a color that will never out of style. Black lace and leather pieces will give you the ability to not make you black outfits look boring. Channel you tough girl persona with a black mid-length leather skirt or leather sleeves on your cute top. You can also mix up your usual jeans with a nice black lacey top. Black is usually the building block for mixing silhouettes and textures by many designers. Since we all have a black fashion item in our closets, the fall weather is the best time to show it off.  

  • Rouge

From chic jackets to lip colors, shades of red have taken up many fall runways. Try and be a bit bold and use a shade of ruby on your lips during happy hour or you can wear a nice pair of red pants with fabrics that are luxurious for your weekend outing. Deep shades of red like the poppy red are on trend at the moment. Poppy red is a mixture of pink and red. You can wear a poppy red trench coat with a nice brooch or you can pair your poppy red mini skirt with a nice top in burgundy with some nice poppy red accessories.

  • Violet

Violet is a color that can be worn for summer, winter, and fall. A darker violet shade will look beautiful this fall. If you are not that adventurous, you can wear violet accessories or you can be bold and wear a darker shade of violet on your lips. A darker shade of violet will look especially sophisticated for women who are above forty years old and still stylish. A designer who has used this color beautifully is Alberta Ferretti. An example is when he aired his violet clothes with burgundy.

  • All the shades of pink

From the deep fuschia to the palest pastel, this color will work in your fall closet and it is being used in many fall fashion runways. The Pink Peacock, which is a shade named by the experts at Pantone, is being used by many designs like Oscar de la Renta. He paired a fuschia pair of pants with a white shirt during his fall fashion show.

  • Spiced yellow

For the past couple of seasons, yellow has been used on fashion runways by many designers. This time, fall fashion runways are using the mustardy, spicy shade of yellow that pairs very well with the different fall colors. Most designers are using burgundy accents with their mustardy, spiced yellow outfits.

  • Blue

We are all aware of the blue color as a common fall color in our outfits. However, not all blues work for your fall fashion. The nebula blue, which is a brighter blue, came as a surprise to most of us when designers showcased it for their fall fashion shows. Nebula blue can be paired with bright yellow, complementary shades of blue and for a trench coat for it to be the statement piece. Of course, the navy blue is also a fall color.

  • Metallic

If you want to breathe new life into your outfit or your look, try incorporating a metallic, shimmery top. This color can be overwhelming to most of us, therefore, try to wear subtle hints which are can drape on you like a metallic scarf or a top with metallic accents on the neck, sides or sleeves.

  • Beige

Beige is a timeless color when it comes to the fall palette. This fall season, beige was incorporated in long, belted capes, classic peacoats which were worn with oversized scarves and embroidered coats.

  • white

White is a nice fall color especially if you want that monochrome look. It still looks stunning even though it’s impractical, in fall as well as winter.

  • Soft gray

The shade of gray is what changes when it comes to fall fashion. The romantic, soft gray is the best shade when putting on an outfit for fall. It can be used in coats and sweaters and it can be mixed in with beige on a taupe to make it look even more stunning.

Fall accessories

  1. Big handbags

In a previous interview, Victoria Beckham claimed to have created the biggest she had ever designed for her fall collection. Many designers have embraced this accessory because they look cool and can carry everything you may need when you go out. The bigger bags should be left for the weekends.


  1. Bright handbags

When you do not want to carry a big handbag, get a bright bag that is smaller for your day to day activities for this fall. Since most fall colors are dark, these bright and bold handbags will compliment your outfit.

  1. Leaves

There is nothing as beautiful as an accessory designed in the leaf motif as a fall fashion item. Leaves can not only be incorporated in textiles, but they can be designed in earrings, brooches, and necklaces. This trend is a favorite for many of us. The creations found in the market at the moment are really stunning.

  1. Chandelier earrings

We all need a bit of bling in our wardrobe. Oversized chandelier earrings were a staple in most fall fashion shows. They can be paired with dresses in the fall colors with no necklace because they stand out all on their own.

  1. Scarves

Scarves can be an inspiration for a flowing dress and this is why it’s a great accessory. It can be worn around the neck, as straps on bags, unconventionally as a way to tie shoes and as a belt.

  1. Colorful gloves

Gloves can be seen as an old trend. Many designers have embraced this accessory by customizing them in cool designs and some are even fingerless for the selfie lovers.

  1. Big bangles and cuff bracelets

Cuffs are a sculptural and very striking accessory and they can be worn just as they are in order to make a statement. This fall season, many designers have used chunky bangles in order to make big statements.